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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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I've a question going back to last week with the tauntaun/Hoth "myth." One thing I got to wondering is even putting Luke in the tauntaun was even needed? Would he have survived on his own laying in the snow/out in the open for the time it took Han to build the shelter? In the test itself it seems the tauntaun didn't loose much heat itself (and remember it wasn't plumbed into the heart machine so not generating heat anymore.)
First off, again, Luke had already been out in the cold for some time and was already suffering from hypothermia. (Marc, hyperthermia means excessively high body temperature. The Ancient Greeks played a nasty practical joke on us by using almost identical prefixes for "above" (hyper-) and "below" (hypo-), so it's important to keep careful track of the distinction, just to spite those lousy Ancient Greeks.) The tauntaun's body was several degrees warmer than Luke to start with, since it was killed mere moments before Luke was placed into it. That's important because Luke was already too cold, so bringing him into contact with the Tauntaun's warmer body would've helped warm him back up somewhat, which in and of itself would've given him more time to survive than if he'd just been left there.

Second, the tauntaun was considerably larger and more massive than Luke, and thus it would have lost heat more slowly than Luke would even if all else were equal. Third, as stated in the episode, it was adapted for Arctic conditions and its anatomy was designed for heat retention, with a thick layer of blubber and a thick fur coat. Granted, Luke's Arctic gear probably insulated him a fair amount too, but the gear plus the blubber and fur would certainly have provided better insulation than the gear alone.

During the preview montage last week when we saw the "moonshine" clip I guess the nerd in me was hoping for another Dukes of Hazzard "myth"/test.
Yeah. If you're going to make a fictional show about backwoods moonshiners running from the law, then a) admit that it's fictional, b) have Waylon Jennings narrate it, and c) put Catherine Bach in it.

I agree, it's not a show they should be cross-promoting considering what the show is about and that it's a total fabrication but it could be Mythbusters have to do it per their contract with Discovery.
All the more reason they should find another network/production partner. They no longer fit in on Discovery.

Oh, and I agree with Forbin -- the "tweets" were distracting and almost entirely pointless.
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