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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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I've a question going back to last week with the tauntaun/Hoth "myth." One thing I got to wondering is even putting Luke in the tauntaun was even needed? Would he have survived on his own laying in the snow/out in the open for the time it took Han to build the shelter? In the test itself it seems the tauntaun didn't loose much heat itself (and remember it wasn't plumbed into the heart machine so not generating heat anymore.)

Also, having watched Empire this week, going back to the discussion above it did seem that Han was more heavily dressed than Luke, probably because he was going out closer to sun down during harsher weather. Also after he puts Luke in tautaun he seems to start putting up stakes which would seem to lean more towards him not building a snow-cave but having a physical shelter with him.
Luke was injured, probably in shock and suffering from hyperthermia so the sooner you start getting a person in that condition warm the better.

Even if it only took Han 5 minutes to put the tent up, that's 5 minutes spent starting to bring Luke's body temperature up.

I'm not sure how you equate putting stakes in the ground with building a snow cave (which frankly would be a stupid idea given how critical warmth would be to Luke survival).

The usual idea when putting up a tent or similar structure is use pegs or stakes to a) given it structure & support and b) anchor in to place. In this case it was blowing with strong winds and Han would have looked a right mug if he put up the survival tent only to have it blow away.

Haven't watched tonight's episode yet but I agree with Christopher the "cross overs"/tie-ins with other Discovery properties isn't as interesting as the ones they do with other fictional series. (Like Walking Dead.) Still, I enjoy watching these guys do their thing, so whatevs.
I'm sure if there was a way to defray the costs of producing Mythbusters without resorting to the cross overs, they could be eliminated.
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