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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

I've a question going back to last week with the tauntaun/Hoth "myth." One thing I got to wondering is even putting Luke in the tauntaun was even needed? Would he have survived on his own laying in the snow/out in the open for the time it took Han to build the shelter? In the test itself it seems the tauntaun didn't loose much heat itself (and remember it wasn't plumbed into the heart machine so not generating heat anymore.)

Also, having watched Empire this week, going back to the discussion above it did seem that Han was more heavily dressed than Luke, probably because he was going out closer to sun down during harsher weather. Also after he puts Luke in tautaun he seems to start putting up stakes which would seem to lean more towards him not building a snow-cave but having a physical shelter with him.

Haven't watched tonight's episode yet but I agree with Christopher the "cross overs"/tie-ins with other Discovery properties isn't as interesting as the ones they do with other fictional series. (Like Walking Dead.) Still, I enjoy watching these guys do their thing, so whatevs.

I never understood the concept behind the show and asked myself the same questions when I first saw as Christopher did above. I was preparing for a sleep study and was there as the tech was putting the electrodes on my head and the show was on the room TV. (I watched an episode of MB that was ending and this was the next show to start.) The tech even asked me, "I don't get it. How are they filming this? Isn't what they're doing illegal?" I responded that I had no idea, I'd never seen the show before. *Still* have never really watched one as the concept didn't interest me.

During the preview montage last week when we saw the "moonshine" clip I guess the nerd in me was hoping for another Dukes of Hazzard "myth"/test.

I agree, it's not a show they should be cross-promoting considering what the show is about and that it's a total fabrication but it could be Mythbusters have to do it per their contract with Discovery.
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