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Re: Season 1 is underrated, and better than season 7

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TNG, DS9 and VOY were all off to a rough start. Put Conspiracy, Duet and Eye of the Needle together, and I still don't think you've matched Out of Time and Captain Jack Harkness. Weirdly enough, Enterprise S1 managed to start the series better, and had a lot of good ones, but nothing I liked as much as Out of Time. But perhaps I am biased towards people from the past or something.

I find the first few episodes of ENT even more unwatchable than the very early episodes of TNG. Starting off with Broken Bow and the network-forced temporal cold war garbage, we then got an episode where Hoshi pulls the entire vocabulary for a completely alien language out of her ass. The first season is mostly a bunch of 'Yeah, we all know why you put this in, gimme a break' decon scenes, stuff like holodecks that don't belong in a 22nd century show, a lot of hackneyed unmemorable writing that copies earlier Trek stories directly, and Vulcans being dicks.
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