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The longer the period in which there is no serialized version of Star Trek for people to see and to enjoy, then the less any future Star Trek will have any semblance to the original series. Too much time passes, and in media that's a death rattle because of the sense of immediacy that's needed to cause people to attend a film.

The last episodes of Star Trek Enterprise ran in 2005. Consider that, and if folks with now many science fiction media forms to choose from are going to watch a film strictly because of name recognition. That's the world we live in.

The reboot wasn't terrible by any means. I thought Leonard Nimoy did a very honorable thing by making the creative decision not to appear with Zac Quinto in the sequel. He didn't want to detract from the mythos they were creating nor in that young actor's work.

Star Trek can't stay static and survive. Nostalgia is for older folks after all. We have influence over the franchise, but to a smaller degree.
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