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Re: DT/DS9: Signs & Portents

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A lot of great stuff here in this continued series of vignettes.

The Bashir/Ezri beak-up was seemingly unavoidable since Bashir decided to join Section 31. I wonder if these guys have a future. I for one am rooting for them. But then of course I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.

Sunday Stroll was just painful. But regretfully this kind of propaganda spewed nonsense seems to take hold easy enough on narrow-minded and frustrated peoples. No matter where they may be.

As a fan of political thrillers and machinations, I really liked the surprise announcement in the final story. Coupled with Garak's ongoing mission to plan a powerful man's downfall there is much to look forward to here.
Thanks CeJay,

I always get anxious about writing canon characters, especially if I haven't watched the TV shows in a while. I want to get their voices right and my memory might be faulty.

It wasn't my intention to delve deeply into Ezri/Julian since I was anxious about writing those characters-two that I liked but weren't my favorites-however the way the overall story was turning out, I felt it necessary to address their relationship. Time will tell if they will get back together. In "Love Prefers Twilight" Ezri seems to think they just might.

Glad you liked the machinations on Cardassia Prime. Gibraltar created a great adversary in Mintof Urlak and I wanted to up the stakes in his war with Garak. Or rather it's going to force Garak to up the stakes.
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