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To make the kind of money in film receipts, DVD sales, and merchandising, then any projects will likely be spectacles since that has mass appeal. That's never going to make fans like myself very happy who love the stories of Trek over forty years of watching them. Partially that doesn't influence the decision making process since a) we'll watch the films regardless because we love the films and tv shows so much. Believe me, Star Trek the Motion Picture was lousy. Watch, some of it was very forced and people were groaning when they watched it, and we were all die-hard fans who wanted it to be great. It got better over time, but had hits and misses. Star Trek V anyone? But II and IV were so enjoyable.

B) the younger crowd will always go see the latest spectacle.

C) their parents will buy the merchandise to please B

The books, whether authorized or fanfiction will perhaps please more because there's far more time to develop those stories and to attempt to follow some sense of canon and not reinvent the wheel to please newer generations. A lot of young people don't read.
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