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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I just finished this book. It took me forever to read it. I think it was well-written but very ponderous. At first I cringed at the Kira/Keev storyline. Once again, well-written, but I think it went on too long and I didn't get a lot of it, or always understand the symbolism. The most important event in the book, pertaining to Bacco, didn't get the attention it deserved.

I also thought the book had too many characters and spent too much time focusing on them instead of focusing on the main story, which should've been Bacco. Though I guess the main story was Kira/Keev. Perhaps this wouldn't have bothered me as much but I find many of the new DS9 characters bland and there wasn't much new written about the old/returning characters that made me tear through their scenes. I was mostly pleased with DRG III's treatment of Sisko this time around though, even though I wouldn't have minded having him more in the book.

I'm not too upset to see what happened to Bacco. I'm not a big fan of that character. She's too goody goody for my taste.

The book ends with three big cliffhangers. One hopefully will be resolved in the future books, but I can see two of them getting follow-ups in future DRG III novels. I was most intrigued by the one involving the Typhon Pact. The other two, while intriguing, didn't light a fire under me.

I've been on the fence about DRG III for a while now. If he wasn't returning to Harriman and doing a sequel to my favorite novel of his, Revelation and Dust might have been my final DRG III novel.
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