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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

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Forgive me for resurrecting this old (and interesting) thread, but there's one more problem that no one has mentioned regarding the registry of the Intrepid and what is and isn't canon...

Jein said that the registry of the Intrepid was NCC-1631. This has become (arguably) canon because this registry was used in Star Trek: Remastered.

But what we've all forgotten is that Franz Joseph's registry of the Intrepid as NCC-1707 was (arguably) established as canon by a deleted scene and artwork from Star Trek IV.


The question, as has been debated in this thread, is whether dialogue from deleted scenes "count" as canonical in a meaningful way.

And what's really interesting about these registries of the Intrepid is that we have two dueling numbers from canonically suspect sources: one from a movie's deleted scene/artwork and one from a CGI special effect used in a remastered episode of the original series. And neither number is on the Starbase 11 chart in the original series.

Fans of Greg Jein's registries line up on the left, please. Fans of Franz Joseph's registries line up on the right, please. Face each other. Ready, set, go....
There needn't be any conflict there, since the ship shown in TVH is a refit-class. Just because the refit Enterprise had the same registry number as the Constitution-class original, it doesn't mean that each refit-class ship had the same registry number as the Connie with the same name.

Besides, the original Intrepid was destroyed in "The Immunity Syndrome", so the Intrepid shown in TVH (assuming it was the Intrepid) was probably an entirely new ship with its own keel and everything.
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