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Re: Lois, Clark & Superman?

You don't know that he didn't Super Hypnotize her again.

Or locked her in a basement chained to a radiator for two weeks "programming" her to forget the good old fashioned human way.

One of the few things I liked about the Originals is the Villain has this bartender girl for a "friend" who only knows that he is a vampire when they are together, but then forgets that vampires exist and that he is a vampire the second she leaves his company. It made for great comedy as she's trying to prove that vampires exist or someone is stealing her missing time while simultaneously she begins to accept that she is going insane, and then on the other side of the looking glass, back when she's talking to her vampire "friend" she is yelling at him becuase she doesn't like how crazy she gets whenever she forgets about vampires and what he is doing to her.
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