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Re: Stellar Cartography

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I think we've accidentally stumbled onto the next big idea for the next TV series: recruit Neil deGrasse Tyson into the writing staff. ;-)
In some respects, it would be ideal to have creative consultants who are astronomers.

This notion of seeing stars pass by on a trip, might not be plausible traveling with faster than light travel. Haven't you ever wondered at that based upon folding space with a warp drive? If you're folding space, are you skipping along like a stone across the surface of water? Are you entering into a field of some sort and then emerging in stages until you reach the end point goal?

What it definitely isn't like is traveling in an airplane and seeing stars whiz by. It would be calculating stellar phenomena and then ensuring the path was clear (charting a course) then ensuring no moveable objects would be entering that flight path. Then going for the most economical path that achieves the least amount of time with the least fuel loss in antimatter but based upon exigent circumstances.

Did you read Masao's post when he said, "I decided that trying to match most Trek locations with known stars was futile, as the Trek writers seemed to have completely ignored astronomical reality."

That's all I am pointing out. The futility of spending energy to make stars in Star Trek agree with reality.

I wish you well in your mapping and writing. I'm not interested in the wasted effort of a flame war. Rational discussion is always welcome though.

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