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Re: Stellar Cartography

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All I mentioned was that it was wasted effort. You on the other hand took great offense at a word. Come on man, lighten up!
You really can't understand why telling people that they're wasting their effort by doing something they enjoy is condescending and rude? I don't need to lighten up. You need to learn that your judgments of others are not harmless.

I've told you over and over why it's not a waste. Why it's fun to be creative. Why it's fun to learn. Science fiction is enjoyable to a lot of people because it makes us curious about the science of the real world and gives us an opportunity to learn new and interesting things. We're perfectly well aware of the difference between fiction and reality, but we enjoy the opportunity to explore reality and play with ideas. That is absolutely not a waste. You're the one who needs to lighten up, because you're unwilling or unable to see that this is enjoyable, and therefore worth doing.

If you studied any astronomy at all in college or grad school, the take away point was the insignificance of not only the Earth in reference to the Milky Way galaxy, but the insignificance of the Milky Way among galaxies.
I have a physics degree, for your information.

One cannot pretend to be doing stellar cartography and then simultaneously ascribe some origin points to the Earth's location within our galaxy just because Star Trek does. It's not logical.
Once more: No one is saying that Earth is literally some cosmically significant origin point. All that's been said is that the Federation has used it as the basis for an arbitrary geographical distinction analogous to the arbitrary division of the Earth into Eastern and Western hemispheres with the Greenwich Meridian as the reference point. It's a political and cartographic distinction, not a physical one, so your objection is nonsensical.

And I'm not going to argue with you anymore, because you're clearly not willing to listen or reconsider your preconceptions even slightly.
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