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Re: It's been a long time...

Alidar Jarok wrote: View Post
Not bad. I moved to DC, graduated from Law School, and passed the Bar Exam. Aside from that, same old same old.

What've you been up to?
Nice - congrats on finishing up law school! I traveled a ton for work the past year, but pretty settled now in NYC. Love the big city, thinking I might call it home for awhile!

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
Not bad. 2013 saw an unexpected terrorist attack, an unexpected death in the family, and some unexpected health problems-- but you've got to keep going and focused on the good things in the world. This year will be better.

The question is: How are you?
It was quite a year... I think I visited 27 states in 2013. I need to get home more, though! Sorry to hear about your loss. Any big plans for this year?

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
I just wanted to change the post title.

Everything is fine. I'm a dad now. I think that's pretty much it.

Welcome back Danoz!
Congratulations! I can't believe how fast my cousin's kid grows everytime I'm home.

Miss Chicken wrote: View Post
Welcome back, Danoz.

The biggest thing that happened in my household in 2013 is the passing of the 'real' Miss Chicken. However she is still around - haunting us - or at least we blame her ghost for everything that goes missing or if the lights are left on etc.
Miss Chicken! Good to hear from you -- sorry to hear about that. How old was she?

SJSharksfan39 wrote: View Post
I'm good. Still looking for a full time job but feeling like I have a full time job in the on call job that I have. Also, I'm still working on Taxes, took two trips to Anaheim, and not really posting much on here anymore (Mostly lurking).

Hope all is well with you Danoz and everyone else. I did change my username, so that is probably the highlight of me on this board last year. Nothing too special, I guess.
Yeah, I definitely need to come around more this year. I should make that my resolution -- less work, more TrekBBS into my weekly schedule .

The biggest thing that my buddy and I did recently was fly out to San Francisco for the Star Trek convention. We had a pretty great time and met some cool folks out there.

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