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Re: Stellar Cartography


Obviously I hit a nerve. I'm the least judgmental person you're ever going to meet. One can't detect tone in a post, something that I would assume you would know if a frequent poster on any forum.

However I wonder, should astronomers discover in a year that 40 Eridani is comprised of only a single heavy gravity planet, will you then shift around an entire stellar map because it no longer fits? Or will you then decide that it's not necessary to match up real celestial objects with a fictional universe?

Your ardent irritation with a relatively minor post is only amusing me. Talk about misdirected energy.


Well the stellar map you created still is very useful if you made some reasonable guesses based upon estimated flight time to stars based upon references to Star Trek authorized fiction and fan fiction. Looking through all of the references I've seen, there's only a few other examples of that kind of pragmatic work.

I like your other website as well. It probably has way more 3d models than any other site I've ever seen. It's quite a resource.

Some excellent stellar cartography from French researchers can be seen here in brief:

And can be seen completely here:
(Subtitled in several languages)

The Sol system is a rather insignificant part of a tiny spiral arm fragment (local spur arm) and can be seen here:

Our galaxy is about 100,000 light-years wide. We’re about 25,000 light-years from the center of the galaxy. It turns out we’re not located in one of the Milky Way’s two primary spiral arms. Instead, we’re located in a minor arm of the galaxy. Our local spiral arm is sometimes Orion Arm, or sometimes the Orion Spur."

But heck, that's real astronomy and not gobbledygook estatz astronomy attempting to pidgeonhole Star Trek into reality.

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