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Re: ST:TMP Technical Details

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The windows work now because we all have a better understanding how big TOS is supposed to be. At the time, those windows could have been 10' high for all we knew. And the changing bridge exterior confused things.
I think already general audiences back in the 1960's could get a good understanding of the ship's size just by watching the episodes
  • The interiors were approximately 10' high, so it stood to reason that the exterior windows, especially on the engineering hull, belonged to the corresponding deck levels
  • Recycling the footage from "The Cage" revealed the approximate size of the Bridge by the time of "The Menagerie". It was changed by getting lowered (displacing Deck 2) but didn't get wider
  • "The Galileo Seven" revealed the clamshell doors from within. Add to this many stern views of the ship, I think the size was visually clear
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The thought put into the details in TMP were impressive. And that how there were visuals that were put in place that people could relate to in real life- AKA doors on the outside of the ship. And I don't think that really violated the simplicity of a Starship design.
I concur, I think the docking ports were an incredibly good idea to convey the size, because we saw these in real-size first (orbital complex) before watching the ship. Cleverly done.

Unfortunately, these doors somehow suggest the ship to be only 1,000 feet long while it's probably closer to 1,164'

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But 200 years+ in the future with all their super tech and their welding little panels on a giant ship in patchwork? Just silly in my opinion and made it too contemporary for me.
Absolutely. And any ambitioned model kit builder will tell you that trying to recreate the Aztec patchwork pattering is a pain in the rectum.

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