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Re: Lois, Clark & Superman?

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There actually was a valid literary point to Lois not knowing that Clark was Superman.

For about 50 years one of the main themes of Superman if not the main theme was the idea of the secret hero inside of us that others could not see.

Lois was the symbol-the human face-of all of that. She was the woman that Clark loved but whom he could not share his secret with.

It added a certain tragedy to the character. It also harkened back to classic and powerful myths about Gods in disguise.

When Lois knows Clark is Superman all of that is out the window.
But the film series is going to have about (let's say they make four of these) eight hours of film - it's a narrative device for a long running series you don't need for a short finite series. moreover, it's a narrative device we have seen multiple times in various forms over 50 years so doing something different with one version isn't a problem for me.
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