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I think you hit it on the head that it was TMP E's little details that helped make the scale of the ship seem so large compared to the TOS E that didn't have any features real world views could relate to. But there's a fine balance in my opinion.
How is that? The exterior windows of the TOS E (and the vertical spacing in-between to suggest deck levels) conveyed a pretty good sense of size along with the exterior of the Bridge, IMHO.

Its lack of detail was partially owned to Matt Jefferies' design philosophy, but I'd think also to the low resolution of 1960's TV sets.

For the high resolution big screen they obviously couldn't resist to show off as many details as possible. Frankly, I don't really like the Aztec pattering because it created a patchwork look I wouldn't expect in 23rd Century ship building. And I think that, too, is one of the reasons why Grissom looked credible to pass as a vessel of the 23rd Century.

The windows work now because we all have a better understanding how big TOS is supposed to be. At the time, those windows could have been 10' high for all we knew. And the changing bridge exterior confused things.

That said, I don't disagree with you on the backwards philosophy ST took on the futuristic sleep design ships took to more and more patchwork looking.

I was only stating that the thought put into the details in TMP were impressive. And that how there were visuals that were put in place that people could relate to in real life- AKA doors on the outside of the ship. And I don't think that really violated the simplicity of a Starship design.

What bugged me a lot about hull paneling is how it became more and more pronounced. And then in new Trek, watching the ship being welded together in little bits seemed absolutely insane. Hell, even now we build big sections of ships and THEN lego those sections together. But 200 years+ in the future with all their super tech and their welding little panels on a giant ship in patchwork? Just silly in my opinion and made it too contemporary for me.
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