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Re: "Intelligence" season 1 discussion & spoilers (Josh Holloway)

I started zoning out on this almost immediately. Ory is hot, but at no point did I think she was an agent. Holloway was OK, I guess. I liked that he straight up murdered people without hesitation. That was cool. The climax was neat. The fight scenes were decent. The tech is interesting, but oddly employed. Seems like overkill for what he's assigned to do.

These guys would have dropped a nuke to get Bin Laden. If this guy with this tech was real, he would be in a bunker testing it, not running around without a vest getting shot at constantly by random mooks "investigating" shit. And one bodyguard not wearing a vest? Come on. You spent billions on him, but couldn't spring for a couple of competent bodyguards?

The "mystery" of Ory's background was instantly revealed and tossed aside. Why even have it? And the throwaway line about how "she killed four assassins and saved the president's kids while injured" was so fucking dumb. Don't put shit like that in expository dialogue. The opening scene should have been that event: Ory saving the kids from a hit squad. Then go to Holloway doing whatever the fuck it was he was doing wandering through the wilderness.

Holloway's double agent wife was that actress whose name I can never remember, but who keeps popping up in shows and making me not like her at all. Quite a feat, when she was only a still image here.

The "twist" was ... lame. We haven't even finished the first hour and we have a mole...really? Am I watching Alias/24/every secret agent show ever?

I'll give it a couple more chances to see if it actually does something with the premise, but my sense is this will be dead before it finishes the season.

As a plus, it was light years better than Killer Women, which was like watching a show created using a female tv cop cliche rubric. Actually shut that off twenty minutes in. Embarrassing.
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