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Re: Stargate mythology

Yeah, like I said the Islamic nations did a much better job of preserving the actually useful knowledge of ancient Greece & Rome. Mathematics, astronomy, medicine, engineering etc. By comparison, Europe squandered that legacy. I'm just amazed we managed to make such a huge comeback post-renaissance.

Interesting about the Zoroastrian Persians. I had often assumed that the Judo-Christian angel mythology with all the elaborately arranged the various spheres of heaven, choirs of angels etc. smacked of being the bones of some old pagan cosmology. I'd just assumed that if anything it would have been pre-Egyptian.

Anyway, we're drifting off topic.

I still say that the idea of an alien being directly responsible for monotheism within the Stargate mythos seams unlikely. What I could buy though is the idea that some elements of biblical mythology could be compatible in a certain context, akin to the scenarios I previously mentioned.

Besides, I think it's a little silly to try and claim that *ALL* human belief systems are a direct result of alien contact. As a species we're perfectly capable of coming up with all sorts of bonkers ideas without any help from E.T.
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