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Re: Duotronic Computing

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...In the Trek context, we know of "electronic", "optronic", "duotronic", "multitronic" and "positronic" now.
Timo Saloniemi
This isn't MY theory, and I don't yet buy into it, and found this thread investigatinig evidence to disprove it, but it was speculated that the word 'positronic' was derived in the same way electronic is (having to do with the flow of electrons,) which means (as ridiculous as this sounds) positronic works with the antimatter counterpart, positrons. Again, I would believe 'positronic' was meaningless technobabble before I entertained the notion of this possibility, but who knows? It's not like Star Trek haven't mentioned positrons many times before, right?

And then if that was the case, which I doubt, duotronic could be operating with both, but then where do we go with multitronic? Well that's the key word used in the search that lead me here in hopes the word suggests the possibility that 'posi' was merely a prefix like , multi-and duo- and yet, I still can't say for sure.
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