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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

BillJ wrote: View Post
Before the spin-offs came, they were Star Trek. Now that the spin-offs have gone, they are Star Trek.
This sums it up perfectly.
Sran wrote: View Post
But does everyone feel that way?
I'd guess only a minority of the people on this board feel that way, but the majority of the general public would definitely agree. To the general public, Star Trek is the guy with pointed ears. I can't see anyone but hardcore Trek geeks caring about Captain Nobody of the U.S.S. Time-waster.
Bry_Sinclair wrote: View Post
The spin-offs gave us some great characters and memorable stories, so it doesn't all have to be about TOS. Going by what they've done to Kirk and Co now, I would shudder to think about how bad a TV series on the NuTrek characters could be.
"NuTrek" a fan-invented term. There's no such thing. Kirk and Spock are Star Trek characters, not "NuTrek" characters.

If the PTB decided to go back to TOS--
Incidentally, "Tee Oh Es" is also a fan-invented term. There is no such series. It was called Star Trek.

I would feel happier about a full reboot rather than just messing with timelines.
I totally agree, and, actually, that's what I've been talking about when I say I want Kirk and Spock.
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