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Re: Will hard scifi like Gravity get people back 2 science, space trav

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I think finding, "Krypton," or a planet that has the likely real life chractertics of Krypton as described in the superman comics and films makes astrophysics interesting to a lot more people than calling it planet AEY-312 and perhaps encourages younger people to get into the field.
Actually, the comic called it LHS 2520, not AEY-312, neither of which is real nomenclature. The six-page story does nothing to explain interferometry, or how it is used in astronomy. In fact, no astronomy tools were used to integrate the data—Superman did it all in his head. (Magic.)

The story invoked black holes and wormholes, both of which are fictitious mathematical constructs, in order to get Superman to Earth "instantaneously" so 27 years later he could witness the destruction of a planet 27 lightyears away. (The Pick-a-card maneuver.)

How does any of this popularize or introduce real science?
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