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Re: American Horror Story - Coven

Wow, I've never seen so many sociopaths in one show.

I am glad that Papa Legba pointed out that Fiona doesn't have a soul...I was afraid the show would attempt to 'humanize' her, which would have been a cop out.

Cordelia's regression is also interesting - she's regained her sight and lost her confidence.

Thankfully Violet wasn't in the episode that much, but it was kind of disgusting to hear her and Nan pretending they were much better than Madison. Sorry, Violet, but you lost credibility after you stabbed that Butler. Nan exposes her sociopathy in this episode, just more proof that the self-proclaimed 'good' guys are often the most dangerous. Granted, the mother had it coming, but the manner of death Nan chose...utterly sadistic.

What Madison did to Misty is fucking unforgivable and I hope Misty ravages that nasty, spoiled little sociopath. Smash her fucking head in with a brick PLEASE.

Marie Laveau stole the show. She seems to me to be the most powerful witch in the entire show, woman is a walking fire tank.
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