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Re: Theory Re: Why Riker's Such A Jerk Sometimes

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Consider this, the same thing could have happened to Riker, as did to Kirk in the Enemy Within, and unknown to everyone else, Will Riker was the "Bad Twin" and Tom Riker was the "Good Twin", but it was far less pronounced than Kirk's, where both Rikers had enough of the original Riker's personality to be good or bad, as the situation called for. Will Riker ended up getting the stern side of himself that was good for being command oriented, whereas Tom Riker got a little more of the personable and empathy side.

I think evidence to this is that it seems after the transporter accident, Riker was supposedly almost obsessed with becoming captain, even breaking up with Deanna to do it. Tom Riker did come off as more gentle than Will Riker (at least until DS9), and had he been the one to come back instead of Will Riker, I think he would have chosen Deanna over career, or at least turned down the promotion to be with her. I think that can also explain some hostility on Will Riker's part, because he felt guilty he did break up with Deanna years later, and when Tom entered the picture, it made him finally confront that guilt. So, he lashed out towards Tom Riker.
I like that theory, re: Will being an 'evil' transporter duplicate ala The Enemy Within (with the word 'evil' only being relative in this case, of course). Coming out of the accident with some of Riker's worser character qualities at the fore and his better ones more buried, while Tom is he opposite; having more of Will Riker's charm and less of his empty bravado.
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