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Re: United Trek Story Archive

Tales of the Fleet
by Various

Tales penned by United Trek authors either intended as one-shots or which otherwise do not fit into any established fan fiction series. Most are available to download.

- Border Dogs: The Merlin by TheLoneRedshirt (na)
- Task Force Vanguard: Regions of the Dark by Brother Benny (na)
- To Dream the Impossible Dream by David Falkayn (ss)
- USS Stonehouse: Whoever Brings the Night by Brother Benny (incomplete)
- The Border Banshee: The Kursican Storm by Brother Benny (incomplete)
- Star Trek: The Lady and the Sword by TheLoneRedshirt (incomplete)
- These are the Inane Voyages by Dnoth (ss)
- Damage and Consequences by Dnoth (ss)
- Star Trek: Third Cutter Squadron Talarian Incursion by Bry Sinclair (vignettes)
- Beginning Again by TheLoneRedshirt (ss)

This completes the United Trek story archive post.

This post is not meant as a comprehensive list of all stories which have been written by United Trek authors or even a complete list of all stories written for the many UT series. Some stories, such as some incomplete stories, or still in progress, or some stories requested to be excluded at this time by the authors have been left out from this post.

Thank you for your interest in United Trek and please do not hesitate to contact the author's directly for any comments or feedback you may have on any of these fine stories. Many of the UT writers remain active on the TrekBBS or at the Ad Astra Forum.

For more information on United Trek, visit and the United Trek Forum.
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