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Re: The Essential Voyager

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Ok, I love VOY and I will defend it all day. But I understand not everyone feels the same way. But in defense of your comment... if you really love other Trek series more and eventually want your kids to watch them with you...I'm not gonna lie...VOY does work as a nice gateway drug.

Don't turn it off if it gets them into Trek!
That was a joke. And they're already into Trek, but they haven't seen much of DS9 or Voyager. My daughter *hugged* Garrett Wang at Dragon*Con in 2011, and I played a role in that encounter, as well.
I know you were joking! No need to worry! haha

And... ahhhhhh! I just read your thread about your experience with Wang and THAT IS AWESOME. Poor Harry did need a promotion and I am sure Wang appreciated your little humor. That is soooo sweet. I'm hoping *crosses fingers* I get to go to the Star Trek con in my state later this spring. Kate Mulgrew will be there among some DS9 cast like Terry Farrell etc so that should be super cool. I never get to make it to cons because they are so far away usually and cost a lot.

That is so adorable, again...nice story!
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