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I agree wholeheartedly. There were times in the early seventies through the eighties in which we applauded the conclusion of the movie, something that probably would be seen as ridiculous today as no performers are on stage.
I've actually been in theaters where this has happened, a number of times, within the last few years. Maybe the people where you live are just sticks in the mud. (Actually, what's more likely is that the state where I live is behind the times, like it is in most things.)
I think you're fortunate, though I doubt the people in my area are jaded or less demonstrative.

Part of what an experience a "peak experience" is the reaction of others who are also having the experience at the same moment. Think of a roller coaster. Half the fun is hearing the nervousness, the exhileration, the glee from others while realizing that it's impossible to be detached while going around a sharp bend or taking a precipitous drop.

Not every film is going to be given to applause based upon the film itself, though I would think most Star Trek fans are so hardcore that they'd be given to cheering at a good film during and after a film.

I've been delighted in recent years to see a fan production of the show like this one. I can't imagine the costs incurred from doing one:

Let's hope that we don't have only cinema for Star Trek, but something serialized on a more frequent basis.
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