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Re: Stellar Cartography

On of the problematic aspects that is entirely unnecessary is trying to match up known Milky Way galaxy stars within the Star Trek universe. It's not essential and can lead to terrible errors in the distance of stars based upon canon and noncanonical fiction simply because the star isn't present in that map coordinate to be logical.

Why must it agree? We don't live in a Star Trek galaxy for sure. Earth is way to the side of the Milky Way and hardly at the center of four quadrants. If you begin with that premise, immediately there are issues because of the cluster of stellar mass that should be located within the centre of spiral arm type galaxies.

It's sufficient and maybe superior to create a star map that fits the stories of Star Trek and doesn't limit it based upon stellar evidence in our galaxy. Because of the change in elevation of a star and planets in comparison to others, that will dramatically alter the distance of planets. There's too many problems with making Milky Way known stars line up with a Star Trek galaxy.

I do applaud anyone's effort to do so. I recall an earlier pioneer towards this effort who had attended planetarium lectures and done independent research in order to determine the best fit for the Vulcan homestar. Ultimately it's wasted energy.
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