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The films experience has changed a great deal even from the time I was a kid in the 80s. Going to the movies was an event. We had home video, but we sometimes had to wait years after a film's theatrical run for it to be released on VHS. Now the DVD and bluray special features are being edited even before a film has been released to theaters. You see a preview for a movie you'd like to see, blink, and then the DVD's already out. Sometimes a film is released to a streaming service like Netflix before the theatrical release.

Audience reaction isn't the same, either. My favorite movies memories are the ones where the crowd really gets into the excitement, laughing, cheering, feeding off one another's energy. These days, when I see an action FX flick like "Transformers" or even Trek films, the audience more often than not just stares passively at the screen.

At some point, we de-mythologized what was a modern mythological experience.
I agree wholeheartedly. There were times in the early seventies through the eighties in which we applauded the conclusion of the movie, something that probably would be seen as ridiculous today as no performers are on stage. We communally celebrated the event of the film and were glad to experience being surrounded with diverse people who wanted to be together to have that experience.

In many ways, while there are enormous growing opportunities to network and share and celebrate our individual circumstancecs through social media, when polled people describe growing alienation and isolation. What an odd occurance!

The deconstruction of the hero and the saga (from things like Viking myth) have resulted in more and more flawed heroes and finally anti-heroes. There's not enough balance and I think this is partially why Star Trek is becoming less relevant.

If there was a clear chance of commericial success in a new Star Trek television series would any production company hesitate to create one? I doubt it. There are social, economic, artistic, and ideological changes that are making it more difficult to be on television.
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