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Re: ENT: By the Book by D.W. Smith & K.K. Rusch Review Thread (Spoiler

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I was surprised by this one in liking it as much as I did. I mean, now many early books for a new series are good? The RPG bits are pretty fun.
My impression was that the authors had found a clever way to write a first ENT novel that was probably commissioned (and mostly written?) well before "Broken Bow" had even aired, and that they made good use of the minor canonical characters and material from the Season One Writer's Bible.

I loved Cutler - she's fun and perky in this novel - and it seemed like the show was planning to groom her for much more... and then, of course, the actress passed away in 2003.

It was disappointing when so many readers had negative reactions to the book.

I had an opportunity to buy Kellie Waymire's autographed trading card at a great price (compared to other cast members'); I guess nobody realised she'd just passed.
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