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Re: Put George & Gracie on the Federation Council?

Avro Arrow wrote: View Post
What happens if the probe swings back by our neighbourhood and all the whales have died off due to some problem related to a very non-diverse gene pool? The post from Timewalker that I quoted indicated that the novelization implied the probe would be back. I guess then some future Starfleet crew would just have to dust off a time machine...
Sran wrote: View Post
^I would imagine the Federation made every effort to ensure that George and Gracie survived long enough to conceive many offspring so that the probe wouldn't have had an excuse to come back.

I don't have my copy of the novelization handy to provide the relevant quote, but there is a paragraph or two near the end where George and Gracie explain things to the probe, and the probe basically sighs, agrees to stop harming the humans, and it'll be back in the future to hear more stories - not the mature stories it was expecting, but young stories.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Would a future Earth force sapient beings to produce children?

Legally and ethically?

I'm sure that George and Gracie, being intelligent and gracious people, would agree to do whatever is necessary to bring back their species from extinction.
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