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Re: When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

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I loved the characters, but disliked the so-called New Frontier universe, It was more fantasy than I prefer. Don't get me wrong, I still read all the books, but the first book had a planet turning into a bird. [Jumped]shark[/jumped]

Also too many generic antagonists, no one really stood out to me apart from those genocidal religious nutcases (I don't remember the name, I haven't read them for years).

Good: Calhoun, Shelby, Soleta, Burgoyne, 'old' Kebron, Mueller and the Xenexian race.

Bad: Any Thallonian, Lefler, Selar (shudder), Xy, Xyon and McHenry (open your bloody eyes you irritating godling!). Making the Excalibur-A, Exeter and Trident all Galaxy class (boring!), Making Shelby Admiral and commanding a Starbase. The rest wasn't memorable enough to remember.
Good point about the antagonists. That was a weakness throughout the series. However the Reedemers and Dogs of War weren't bad, though they could've been better if they had been pumped up more. The Beings had the power, but I recall not being super impressed with them; still it was a step in the right direction. And then there were potential good bad guys like the Teuthis who got short shrift. PAD could've done more with the Tholians since there was supposed to be a war involving them occurring in his New Frontier books. I wish more had also been done with the Thallonians and the Danteri.
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