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Re: TF: Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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You mean, aside from Nanietta Bacco dying, the Andorian species being saved from extinction, Bashir being drummed out of Starfleet and branded a criminal, White-Blue being revived, Kellessar zh'Tarash being elected President, and Starfleet launching a huge new exploration initiative?
Bacco is replaced what seems to be a Bacco clone.... who has less personality.
Nothing about zh'Tarash's personality resembles Bacco's, except that neither of them are douchebags. Bacco is informal and down-to-Earth; zh'Tarash is formal and aloof. Bacco is wisecracking and sarcastic; zh'Tarash is very earnest. Bacco is a divorced single mother; zh'Tarash is a formerly oppressed sexual minority living with her sh'za -- and Andorian equivalent of an out lesbian, in other words. Bacco was a surrogate mother to Esperanza; zh'Tarash is a surrogate daughter to th'Priil. Bacco was relatively old; zh'Tarash is relatively young. There is literally almost nothing personality-wise they have in common.

Of course the Andorians would be saved. Who would ever think otherwise?
You are moving the goalposts. I never expected the Andorians not to be saved -- but that does not change the fact that resolving the Andorian genetic crisis is a real and lasting consequence to the novel continuity.

Bashir will be back in some way, shape or form so nothing big there.
He'll be back as a character, but that does not mean he'll be back in Starfleet. And yes, that makes it something "big;" that makes it a real and lasting consequence.

I don't follow Titan so I could care less about whoever White Blue is...
This does not change the fact that White-Blue's revival is a real consequence.

and it seems minute compared to the grand scheme of things. Starfleet's exploration will last until the next big crossover so nothing big there.
You do not know that. The writers have said several times that the ending to The Fall will lead into a new creative direction for the Star Trek line. Destiny led to a new direction with the focus on political thrillers from 2009 to 2013; the idea that there won't be another new focus on different kinds of stories when there has already been a shift before is at best an inference which is not supported by the events of the past.

Once again, a real and lasting consequence.

The Fall was full of real consequences; your characterization of it as a reset button requires you to ignore or actively mischaracterize several important plot developments.
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