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Re: Misc Av Contest: Beautiful Vehicles!

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The subject can be any real-world machine of transport -- automobile, train, aircraft, boat, etc. -- that you find especially pretty or esthetically pleasing. They may be from any time period. Media images are OK if they depict actual private, commercial or military craft, but no custom vehicles made specifically for media (e.g., no Batmobiles, Monkeemobiles, or Man from UNCLE cars). Standard avatar rules apply.

My entry: The 1937 Cord 812 convertible.

Oh, and could one of the mods add the word "ENTER" in front of the thread title? I forgot to write it. Must be a brain fart.
I have liked Cords since I first saw one at a classic car show as a kid (I also like Hudsons from late 40s/early 50s, but they aren't on the same tier as the Cord, regarding beauty.... ). What a beautiful vehicle! I second your vote, scotpens (Although I need to think a bit more to see about coming up with my own unique entry, rather than simply applauding yours!)!
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