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...some display to "show off" the hero ship which is what FC, Nemesis and Insurrection were guilty of.
Please elaborate: In what way? You make it sound as vacant as Mr. Universe flexing his muscles on the beach for the girls. It's kind of like saying an EMT (or some other first responder) is showing off by carrying an incapacitated person out of the fire. The latter two movies weren't great, so I won't defend that, but I am curious how you believe the ship essentially became an object of vanity. Your complaint is what some of us actually want.
One example is the Enterprise-E being touted as the "most advanced ship on the fleet" then minutes later swooping in and destroys an almost 'omnipotent' opponent like the Borg cube in FC was very anti-climatic.

In Nemesis, they talked up a big game by bringing in a black ubership with 50+ disruptor banks and a million torpedoes yet the Ent-E brushes away all that and the born again action man that is Picard banters with a romulan chick about romulan ale before deciding to crash into the Scimitar - LOOK ... she's hella tough trek fans!

Then there is the joystick scene in Insurrection. It is almost like they had the idea of doing a Top Gun with the Enterprise.

The above examples instilled no fear of the ship being turned into toast or that something terrible is about to happen the protagonists. It is a relief that the recent reboot movies gave us the sensation that no one was safe. Not even Kirk.
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