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Re: Catsuits/unitards in our future?

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Blue jeans have been around since 1873 and there is no reason they should fall out of existence in the future, in favor of "Star Trek Civilian" -- a line of clothing that seldom looked real.
I am pretty sure that toga's were around for longer than 131 years, yet they eventually fell out of fashion...
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Togas are rather interesting... of course they wouldn't make a comeback in our society, since for one thing there would be the cry of "OMG, that man is wearing a DRESS!!!" and for another, they're really fussy garments to drape correctly. They're not very practical - I can't see a bunch of men wearing togas going about their daily business in modern society without tripping over them, getting them caught in elevator doors, and finding it impossible to carry stuff. And what kind of footwear could they use that wouldn't look incredibly stupid? Sandals are impractical in our climate for much of the year.

Mind you, the class of people in ancient Rome who wore togas also had slaves to do all the practical physical stuff for them anyway, including draping them correctly in the first place.
Togas will never make a comeback because they are grossly impractical.
Not for the first time the intention behind my post has been lost (I think it's pretty clear) - ZapBrannigan queried why jeans fell out of fashion in "the future" when they've been around for 131 years. I merely stated that toga's were around for longer yet they had fell out of fashion. I was not advocating their return.
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