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Re: The Essential Voyager

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I'll argue that "Lifesigns" is essential because Denara Pel comes up again in "Resolutions" and refers to the Doctor by the name that she gave him in "Lifesigns". "The Thaw" is a great episode and features one of my favorite actors Michael McKean, however I wouldn't call it essential. Just highly recommended.
That's the problem with these Essentials. They're not the best episodes. The standalones have better stories most of the time.
My list of Season 2's best episodes is quite different:

- Projections
- Non Sequitur
- Persistence of Vision
- Cold Fire
- Prototype
- Meld
- Deadlock
- The Thaw.

Now on to Season 3.

Basics Part 2 - Essential - Kazon arc finale.
Flashback - Skippable - Great homage, but a poor story.
The Chute - Skippable - ok. Harry Kim suffers. nothing more.
The Swarm - Skippable - Doctor stuff is ok, but the rest is meh.
False Profits - Optional - Fun episode and nice TNG continuity.
Remember - Optional - Incredible, one of VOY's best.
Sacred Ground - Skippable - Hated it. I just don't buy scientist Janeway getting all mystic.
Future's End I/II - Essential - Doc's mobility + Brax
Warlord - Essential? - Bad episode, but it has the Kes/Neelix breakup, sort of.
Q and the Grey - Essential? - Another bad episode, but it's part of the Q arc.
Macrocosm - Skippable - Commando Janeway in Attack of the Giant Germs!!!!. Need I say more?
Fair Trade - Essential - Turning point for Neelix.
Alter Ego - Optional - Liked it very much.
Coda - Optional - Another S3 favorite of mine! Nothing real happens though.
Blood Fever - Essential - Start of Paris/B'Elanna romance + first Borg.
Unity - Essential? - First real Borg episode.
Darkling - Skippable - Evilll Doctorrrr wantz Kes. Meh.
Rise - Skippable - Neelix and Tuvok in an elevator. Yawn.
Favorite Son - Skippable - Awful cheap B-movie story. More Kim "suffering".
Before and After - Essential - Great! Sets up Year of Hell.
Real Life - Optional - Skippable? Loved the fake Family, B-story is another forgettable space anomaly.
Distant Origin - Essential? - Best S3 episode and 'sequel' to Basics.
Displaced - Optional - Great takeover episode.
Worst Case Scenario - Essential? - Seska's Revenge. Kazon arc Epilogue.
Scorpion Part 1 - Essential - Borg, 8472.
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