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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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A re-posting of Orion Press' review of Robert Bloch's unfilmed outline, 'Sleeping Beauty,' with (a little) added commentary at the end.

Interesting. Clearly Bloch recycled a couple of things for "Wolf in the Fold," like the name Argelius II and a mystery involving stabbings. And "Henning" is similar to "Hengist."

But I can see why they passed it up. The idea of doing a murder mystery was interesting, but it was a bit awkward as a mystery, and maybe it wasn't the best use of the idea of people revived from the 20th century. Plus of course they already had "Space Seed" in the works.

So evidently Bloch took some elements from this, dropped the cryonics angle, brought in the Jack the Ripper theme he'd used elsewhere in his fiction, and came up with an outline that was less talky and more suspenseful and action-driven, and thus we got "Wolf in the Fold." Well, maybe.
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