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Re: Car Insurance & Coverage Limits Issues When There’s a Wreck


Your friend needs to get an attorney. I understand the fear of losing out on some of the settlement, but lawyers know how to navigate these waters and how to deal with an insurance company. When a company sees someone represent themselves, the company knows it will be easy and less expensive for them. Whereas, a lawyer knows the interaction between the other driver's insurance company, your friend's underinsured motorist coverage, your coverage ( could recover from your company if you are injured under some circumstances)...and so on.

Let's face it, you are looking for legal guidance on a Star Trek messaging board. This place if filled with kind people that want the best for you, but so far, it appears that none of them are Florida personal injury attorneys. Should this end up in Court, the judge will not accept "I heard this on a Star Trek BBS" as a valid assertion of law.

Good Luck (from a non Florida Lawyer)

"...hope, prosperity, discovery, and wonder." If any four words could describe Star Trek, it'd be those four. Well said.

-A response to one of my posts by Nathan Hale Bridger (quoting my words)
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