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Re: Catsuits/unitards in our future?

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One interesting note:

For about 7000 years, on the job footwear consisted of mid-calf to knee-high boots for men, who worked out of doors, either in farm fields or as soldiers, and sandals for women, who mostly worked indoors.

Some time in the last 200 years, women appropriated the tall boot as a fashion statement, and men were forced to rely on ankle-length laced boots. Today, women wear tall boots sometimes daily, with some women having enough pairs to go a week or more without wearing the same pair twice, but if a man wears tall boots, he either must be in some kind of costume, even if its a competition costume, say dressage, or gay and looking for some action. Men, it seems, are not allowed to wear the tall boots that used to define a man who worked hard out of doors.

My question is, how did this happen?
Tall boots were simply functional for the environment in which men worked. Tall boots protected legs/shins in grass lands and fields from brush/plants or modest protection during combat. Note that to this day, combat boots remained fairly tall.

Take away hazards and mens footwear gets shorter and simpler.
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