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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

You know guys, it really, really, really pisses me off when I tell people to stop and they ignore. And since I run the place, that's a really bad thing.

I went through the posts since my last post and handed out two warnings; one for being personal, and one for trolling. Both were clear-cut. There were others that were borderline and I let those slide.

Bear in mind that the next time I tell you to stop (or Digits does) you had BETTER FUCKING STOP! I'm angry that in spite of whatever philosophical differences you had over the book or whatever issues you had with what ever, you couldn't act like civilized people but had to act like all too many keyboard warriors being shitty and nasty. This thread has been a clusterfuck. Hope you enjoyed it, because going forward, that's NOT going to happen. We will stop it earlier. We had both hoped that you guys would just get over it, but like so many online things, if you don't come down hard, well people seem to escalate. My mistake.

That's what I get for having not brought the bitch-hammer down in my last post. I didn't want to be nasty. I should have gone with my initial impulse when I last posted.

You're on notice. From here on out, if you guys start this crap in ANY thread, Digits and I WILL warn. This will NOT happen again. And there are no appeals if I warn.

This used to be the most civilized forum on the BBS and part of why I loved it so - and it will stay civilized, even if I have to start warning more often. I hate to do it, but I hate reading threads like this more than I hate warning people.

Thanks to those who DID stay civil. It was noticed.
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