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Re: Catsuits/unitards in our future?

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They should have consulted fan costume and SCA costume designers. It's a basic thing the experienced costumers drill into people: never design anything that prevents you from using the bathroom!
Ah, but part of the magic of SF TV is to create things that are not possible in the 21st century. That's why so many fanmade costumes never look right. Even professionally-tailored costumes can't replicate a TV costume as a "convention floor costume" that needs to be worn all day, survive eating/drinking and undergo multiple washes.
Well, some hall costumes don't actually need to survive eating, drinking, and washing. One guy colored himself all over with blue food coloring, made himself a smock of ancient computer data punch cards, and went as a "computer malfunction." His costume worked great at the convention... until it was time for him to hitchhike home on Sunday (from Calgary to Edmonton) and he couldn't get the blue food coloring washed off. So this dark-haired, bearded guy, blue-skinned from head to toe, is standing on Highway 2 trying to hitch a ride home...

And then there's the woman who glued fabric and sparkles on herself, covering just the bare minimum of what had to be. And it was actually in the convention program book that peanut butter costumes were not allowed in the hotel pool area. Apparently somebody caused a huge mess the year before, and the concom wanted to make sure after that that everyone knew peanut butter costumes are a Bad Idea.

As for my own costumes? Well, I flanged up a TOS-style women's dress uniform. It was actually a long-sleeved evening dress, would have passed for a 23rd-century style garment, and I added a science division insignia on the front (it was a lovely powder blue color - just perfect). Would it have looked as good on TV as it did in person? I have no idea. But my friend who wore it to the Saturday night costume bacchanal got loads of compliments on it.

I recently found and re-read my copy of Chekov's Enterprise. Walter Koenig devoted a fair number of his journal-style entries to talking about how uncomfortable and inconvenient the costumes were. And yes, to take off his shirt required help.

Personally, I think it's crazy to design costumes that aren't functional in everyday, normal situations like eating, drinking, bathroom-going, or even just sitting down.
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