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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

Apropos of nothing: did anyone else notice that the actual chasm swing stunt from the movie looked a lot different from what they ended up testing?

By that I mean if you watch the original footage, you see Hamill grab Fisher under his right arm with her head about level with his shoulder. Then they cut to the wide-shot of the actual stunt and "Leia" (I'm assuming they're both stunt doubles) is suddenly sort of lying across "Luke's" abdomen with her head under his left armpit and her legs dangling back before she swings them forward, wrapped around his hip so that she's practically horizontal when they get to the other side.

I just thought it'd be interesting if they had also tried the swing in the way the stunt performers had done it and see if it was any easier than how your eye tricks you into thinking they pulled it off (i.e. side-by-side). It looks like Leia's double was the one actually controlling the inertia in that shot as opposed to just hanging on.

I tried to find a clip of it on the youtubes to illustrate, but came up empty. I imagine Lucasfilm & Disney are quite prompt with the C&Ds and copyright takedowns. :/
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