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Re: Car Insurance & Coverage Limits Issues When There’s a Wreck

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Basically it depends in several things.
1. Most States have nofault so your friends own auto policy fir that car would cover medical bills

2. They can find out the coverage of the other car by contacting that drivers ins company or having a lawyer do it. Usually hiring a lawyer is the best bet and they work on contingency

3 do your friends have underinsured on their is to protect you from being hit by someone with a small policy
1. My friends are in Florida and it is a no fault state, but I don't know enough to know how that impacts their particular case.

2. Unfortunately, my friends have the same car insurance as the driver that hit them. It gives them a chance to get screwed twice by the same company!! I keep telling my friends to ask for a copy of the faulty driver's insurance coverage amounts, but they don't even want to ask 'cause they think that only a lawyer can get that info.

My friends are looking into a lawyer, but I'm afraid they'll rush things. Plus, depending on the extent of the injuries and the coverage of the other driver, it may be less cost efficient to get a lawyer.

3. I don't know if I follow you here. Are you saying that a typical car insurance policy has a category of insurance that pays out to you if the driver that hits you is underinsured / has no insurance?
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