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Re: Why Wasn't Neelix considered a candidate for removal after season

Guy Gardener wrote:
If they were different gangs, then they should have had different colours, or fashion or even hair style.

The Ogla were in the pilot, and the one with Nog.

Cullah was in charge of the Nistrim and we saw him collect his rivals for a war council.
Well exactly. They paid lip service to the idea a couple times, but ultimately bailed out and fell into a more comfortable zone of trying to depict them as a generic species.

Should have been more 'gangs'. Different gangs. And a much more obvious difference between each of them.

As it was, the differences between the Nistrim and the Ogla were about as stark as the differences between the House of Duras and the House of Martok. Fundamentally different philosophies, but basically identical on the surface.
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