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Re: Why Wasn't Neelix considered a candidate for removal after season

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Seska and Cullah did show up later than would make sense even with Voyager being delayed repeatedly. The Kazon were OK for the first episodes, but with the ship travelling as fast as possible through the sector it should have not had as many repealing villains IMO.
Regarding the general topic of the Kazon:

As I see it, the main problem wasn't so much the fact they keep meeting up with Kazon. The problem is the whole idea of 'Kazon Space' being defined as a specific area to be traversed, not unlike 'Romulan Space' and 'Klingon Space' (or indeed 'Borg Space').
Conversely, conflicts should not have been exteriorized to the extent that they were. Seska was meant to represent a political philosophy opposed not only to Federation and the Maquis, but also an organization opposed to open dialogue. She could have remained on the ship, continually throwing wrenches in the works, without having her ferried along by Cullah or represented by the holodeck.
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