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Re: Stellar Cartography

Sadly there are two problems with a book on stellar cartography:
1) It's difficult to demonstrate the elevation and depression of planets in proximity to other solar systems and planets. That all gets lost on a 2-D map. Some books and websites try to demonstrate this height difference from side views.

2) People are not buying books like they were post-The Wrath of Khan. Being an older fan, I can tell you there was a sad period from say 1974 until 1979 when there was precious little in the way of new material about the series. Many of the ones that were in existence (like Starlog magazine or numerous fan fiction stories) happened due to the hard core fans who kept Star Trek alive as a cultural phenomena.

Several yars ago, Stephen King remarked something to the effect that he'd seen a huge drop off in his sales because people simply were not reading anymore. It doesn't have the immediacy that postmodern generations require.
This topic is really relevant to me personally because I'm trying to generate star maps for the four quadrants plus an overall galaxy map and using every stellar cartography resource, plus canon encyclopedias, websites devoted to cartography, and websites like this one and Memory Alpha.

I'm doing that to create an homage mod for GalCiv2 Twilight of the Arnor so that fans can play within the universe of Star Trek in a way that's as authentic as possible.

Many years ago there was a computer program that I purchased that featured a visual walkthrough of the sets of Star Trek in order to make it immersive. Something like this is needed in a stellar cartography way such that you can travel through in a 3D manner. I would think that would be replicated in Star Trek Online, but I haven't played yet.

Some of you may enjoy this resource. It's one that I'm using to help make maps which would be plausible in a Star Trek mod.
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