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Re: Put George & Gracie on the Federation Council?

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The probe left, and it was understood that it would be back some day to hear more mature, complex stories.
I kind of wonder how successful the reintroduction of humpback whales would be long-term after the events of TVH. The entire population is going to be descendants of George and Gracie... that doesn't sound like it's going to be a very diverse gene pool.
That was not the point of Kirk's mission. He did say "repopulate" but I believe he has just bullshittin' Gillian.
Oh, I agree that a repopulation effort was not Kirk's goal, but the whales *were* introduced back into Earth's ecosystem, and I was just musing on what their long-term chances would be.

What happens if the probe swings back by our neighbourhood and all the whales have died off due to some problem related to a very non-diverse gene pool? The post from Timewalker that I quoted indicated that the novelization implied the probe would be back. I guess then some future Starfleet crew would just have to dust off a time machine...
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