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Re: Why Wasn't Neelix considered a candidate for removal after season

They really screwed over the Neelix character. He was jovial, hiding a lot of pain. He should’ve been interacted with a number of characters:

Janeway, as guide and morale officer

Chakotay, as they had something in common--both their worlds and families were destroyed by war, yet they chose very different paths from that, and both were given a second chance by Janeway, and then their spiritual beliefs (Neelix’s being destroyed when he “died)

Tuvok, as contrast, but that should have been the main humor, that Neelix could drive Tuvok to distraction

Bellana, as an example of overcoming tendencies (her belligerence, his act of...well, not sure if I’d call it cowardice in the war)

As in DS9, where not all characters interacted with every other character all the time, we could’ve had similar. I know, the studio didn’t want that. Funny that that’s how many shows with large ensembles have turned out since. Stupid studio. Stupid stupid studio.
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