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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

I really can't see a studio spending money on that kind of thing. The people who plan these stunts, practical effects and pyrotechnics tend to be very practical people (like Adam & Jamie) and most likely know full well how far from reality they are. But then they're in the business of storytelling and spectacle, not total reality simulations.

Take a film like 'Gravity' which on the face of it looks very authentic and very much like it's been thoroughly researched with experts consulted. However, anyone with even a rough knowledge of orbital mechanics (thank you Kerbal Space Program!) can see that just about everything they're doing is implausible at best. I'm sure that any space industry or scientific consultants they probably did hire would have pointed these thing out. Thing is, it doesn't matter. It only has to look and feel authentic enough to properly frame the narrative.
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